Specials for Thursday, August 19

Last week, we ran a salmon taco special, and all was right in the world. So we're celebrating summer with another sustainable seafood special again this Thursday!

We’re heading back to our home base at 5750 Wilshire Blvd. tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited about the specials Chef Ross has planned for all of our lovely friends on Miracle Mile.  If you’re bummed you missed out on last week’s amazing salmon tacos, don’t despair!  If you’re cursing yourself because you couldn’t get your hands on a burrito stuffed with flank steak and blistered bell peppers, dry your eyes!

Specials for Thursday, August 19th

5750 Wilshire Blvd.  Miracle Mile, Los Angeles (map)

Wild-Caught Salmon Croquettes

organic mixed greens, market vegetables, and a fresh citrus herb aioli     7

Grass-Fed Flank Steak Sandwich

organic baby lettuces, local tomato, and a house-made chipotle aioli     8

Want the Green Truck at your next event?  Party?  Picnic?  Production?   Call us, email us, whatever.  Let’s plan something green, local, fresh, and sustainable together.

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Farmers’ Market Specials for Thursday 8/12

Lauren and Mitchell shopped the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market this morning so that our chefs could make tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch at NBC Studios in Burbank absolutely amazing.  We can’t wait to show off our organic, local specials on TODAY in LA, which will air live tomorrow at 6am on KNBC!  We’ll throw some pictures from the market up here soon, but for now, check out the menu!  Green Truck is available this Friday!  We can bring this amazing summer menu to your office building, so contact us via email, twitter, facebook, phone, comment, whatever!

Summer Squash at the Farmers' Market

Specials for Thursday, August 12

featuring ingredients from the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

NBC Studios, 3000 W. Alameda Avenue, Burbank, Lot “A”

Catch us on KNBC’s TODAY in LA, serving breakfast live on air at 6am

Breakfast Burrito

free-range eggs, heirloom pico de gallo, speckled sunburst squash, roasted bell peppers, soyrizo braised black beans   7

Yogurt Parfait

local and organic raspberries, strawberries and blueberries; plain yogurt, hempseed granola, agave essence   5

Market Panzanella Salad

heirloom tomato, vine-ripened watermelon, crostini, baby mixed greens and herbs, champagne vinaigrette   9

Mother Trucker

our famous vegan burger, house-made with local, organic produce, topped with farmers’ market sprouts and heirloom tomato, whole-grain bun   8

Market Veggie & Feta Wrap

zesty hummus, speckled sunburst squash, mixed baby greens, grilled bell peppers, caramelized onions, goat’s milk feta cheese   8

Grass-fed Flank Steak Burritos

chipotle-marinated flank steak, quinoa, braised black beans, pico de gallo   8

Wild-caught Salmon Tacos

wild salmon, blue corn tortillas, cucumber relish, pico de gallo   2 for 7

fresh strawberry lemonade 3

potato salad 3

rosemary french fries 3

plus our organic truck menu favorites, including grass-fed burgers and hot dogs

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Oprah Winfrey & a Hootenany (8/6/2010)

Green Truck knows how to throw a party! Amazing aerial view of well-fed Hootenany-goers rockin' out at Studio Moon in Venice, California. Join us again, Friday, August 6th, at 8pm.

Summer has been kind to the Green Truck.  The finest organic fruits and vegetables are at their peak—you can taste the warm Southern California sun as you bite into our farmers’ market veggie wrap or take a sip of Chef Ross’ strawberry-lemon fresca.  The days are long and bright and full of opportunities to change the world by changing the way we eat.

Summer Squash from the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. You'll find vegetables as fresh and bright as these in our harvest salads, warm vegetable and feta cheese wraps, and nourishing quinoa bowls.

California strawberries, or, as we like to call them, "candy". At Green Truck, we embrace the natural sweetness of summer, so you won't find added sugar in our house-made, organic frescas and iced teas. Why mess with something perfect, anyway?

We’ve been blushing bright green this week! We received a call from the Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN, with the coolest news ever: the Green Truck, and our co-founders, Kam and Mitchell, were featured smack in the middle of the Oprah Winfrey Network website! Click on this link to view OWN’s short-but-breathtaking video on how the Green Truck heals the planet, one meal at a time. OWN posed this question alongside the video: What small steps can you take to make a huge impact on your world? Think about it. Let’s make a promise to ourselves, to one another, and to the whole planet, to do something simple every single day to ensure a better, healthier Earth. Here are some simple things anyone can do, any day of the year, to help guarantee a greener world:

  • Find your local farmers’ market or sign up for a CSA. When you buy from a local farmer, you make a direct investment in your own community. Sure, you might save a few cents buying imported produce at your grocery store, but you really can find reasonably priced veggies at a local market, we promise. Transporting plastic bags full of pesticide-ridden bell peppers grown halfway around the world takes a toll on our already mistreated planet. Shopping locally is like giving the world a great big bear hug. Besides, a peach that tastes like water isn’t a bargain, it’s a shame. You can get more information on your options for buying local produce in your neighborhood by clicking here.
  • Reuse everyday items in interesting ways. For example, rinse out those tiny glass jars for jam and swanky mustard from fancy hotels, and fill the little containers with almonds or cashews for a classy, sustainable snack. Next time you polish off that jar of peanut butter at two in the morning, don’t throw the pretty glass container in the trash and act like it never happened… It happened, and it’s okay, because now you’ve got yourself an eco-chic frozen piña colada glass! Just add tacky paper umbrella and a straw.
  • Throw a green dinner party with your friends. Make it a monthly or weekly thing. Walk or bike or carpool to the location, whether it’s Amy and Jack’s house or on the sand, footsteps away from the Santa Monica Pier. Select a few fun, sustainable rules for everyone to follow. Need some ideas? Okay! If it’s a potluck, each guest must bring a true-to-the-season dish that features local, fresh ingredients. (If it’s February, that means no caprese salad.) Or, try to go 100% factory-free: visit a real butcher, a little local bakery, and stock up on whole fruits and vegetables.  It’s okay if you don’t make your own wine.

Too busy to plan your own green dinner party? That’s cool, just email us at or call us at the office at (310) 204-0277. We’ll handle everything.

Mick Kelleher, front right, rocks out at the Hootenany while hungry, happy Los Angelenos line up for Green Truck grub outside of Studio Moon at last week's Hootenany. Won't you join us this Friday, August 6th?

Don’t own a blender? Does your lame excuse for a piña colada taste like baby food and freezer-burnt sunscreen? Just bring that old peanut butter jar to our Hootenany! A Hootenany is this totally awesome party the Green Truck has been throwing at Studio Moon in Venice on Friday nights. Awesome live music and great organic grub and such cool people, too. This Friday, it’s First Fridays in Venice, so Abbot Kinney will be splendidly wild. Live music. B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Cup! We strive to throw parties that are waste-free!) The lovely Juli, a great friend of the Green Truck, will be making a presentation on sustainability and what we can all do to heal the planet!

First Friday Hootenany: Green Truck at Studio Moon.

  • 1327 1/2 Abbot Kinney, entrance on Electric Avenue, Venice CA (map)
  • From 8pm until midnight, at least…
  • Live music from Mick Kelleher, Paul Chesne, John Black, Scott Mellis and Josh Osswald.
  • Fresh, organic grub from the Green Truck
  • This is a plastic-free event! Bring your own cup/old jar/spirit/mug!
  • Check out the Facebook event invitation, too!

Happy girls, all dolled up for the Hootenany.

Co-founder Mitchell (he's such a charmer) chats with friends in front of the Green Truck.

A dad buys his son a greener hot dog at the Girl Skateboard & ProductRED art show at the Andrewshire Gallery. Yep, that's a Niman Ranch hot dog on an organic bun!

Last Saturday, Green Truck had the awesome opportunity to serve dinner outside of the Andrewshire Gallery in Los Angeles, California.  Girl Skateboard & ProductRED teamed up for an amazing art show all in the name of helping to eliminate AIDS in Africa.  Green Truck served its organic truck fare to a wonderful bunch, and we couldn’t be more stoked about something this cool and this good for our world.  It was a sweet, green thing.

We at Green Truck believe in making a change, and we believe that while we work toward that change, we ought to be having the time of our lives.  All we need is a healthy Earth and a few laughs over a good meal with people we couldn’t live without.  Won’t you join us for lunch or dinner sometime soon?

Stay in touch with Green Truck by following us on Twitter and chatting with us on Facebook.  It’s the best way to find out where and when to find the Green Truck.  If you’re old school, that’s okay, just dial up our office and strike up a conversation with Lauren, who’s probably eating a PB&J at her desk while she eagerly awaits your call.

Stay tuned for more pictures, more news, more everything!  We’ll ensure that Kam, Green Truck’s co-founder, shares cool photos of our brother truck, the Yankee Green Truck, feeding our friends organic meals back East in New York City!

Special shout out to Scott Gregory for some amazing photographs of last Friday’s Hootenany.

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